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The definition of sexual harassment is a difficult concept dependant on a subjective test by the victim. What may be a serious problem to one person may be mere banter to another. In its broadest terms sexual harassment may be described as "unwanted conduct based on sex affecting the dignity of a person at work" If an individual finds the conduct of another person to be offensive they should make their views known to the perpetrator and to the employer and if in due course it continues the victim should instruct an employment solicitor to make a sexual harassment compensation claim to the Australian Human Rights Commission. The employer may be held liable for the acts of other employees if they have failed to adequately protect the victim from unwarranted behaviour. It should be clearly noted that the victim of sexual harassment may be male or female and the perpetrator may be male or female with unwanted same sex conduct being considered as offensive a unwanted different sex contact.

Unlawful Behaviour

Behaviour that will justify a sexual harassment compensation claim may come in many forms which not only includes blatant physical contact such as touching or fondling but may also consist of :-

  • sexual assault
  • requesting sexual favours
  • sexual violence
  • sexual gestures or remarks
  • threats of sexual assualt
  • unwanted fondling or touching
  • threats of sexual violence
  • telling inappropriate blue jokes.
  • viewing pornographic websites
  • displaying pornographic images
  • unwanted sexual advances
  • lewd or vulgar comments
  • making sexual innuendoes
  • forwarding inappropriate emails.
  • badgering for attention

Employers Policy

Employers should be aware of the potential for sexual harassment compensation claims and in their own interests should have a policy regarding this problem which provides guidelines to staff and management about how to resolve any particular situation without delay as soon as it crops up.

Specialist Employment Solicitors

Our specialist employment solicitors may be able to deal with sexual harassment compensation claims using the no win no fee scheme. If you would like advice, just email our offices, call the helpline or send the contact form.