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In employment matters by reason of the Age Discrimination Act 2004 which applies throughout Australia, it is unlawful to discriminate against a person on the basis of age, subject to certain exemptions under the act. Complaints about age discrimination can be made to the Australian Human Rights Commission. This legislation which is wide reaching and complex replaces all local state and territory law that previously existed.

Specialist Solicitors

There are over 6 million people living in Australia who are over the age of 50 which represents almost a third of the total population. This segment of society continues to grow due to advances in medical science and it is this age group that is most likely to suffer from age discrimination although this is also a recognised problem for those not long out of full time education. Our specialist solicitors deal with age discrimination compensation claims and may be able to use the no win no fee scheme in suitable cases. If you would like legal advice from an age discrimination solicitor just email our offices complete the contact form or use the helpline.

Direct & Indirect

Our solicitors deal with age discrimination compensation claims which may be due to either direct discrimination or a subtle indirect version. Direct discrimination is straightforward and obvious and includes blatant advertising for employees within a particular age group. The indirect problem occurs when obstacles are placed in the way of employees that are more easily satisfied by those within a particular age group, although there may be acceptable and positive reasons to include or exclude those of a particular age group dependent on the requirements of a particular job. As an example an employer may impose a physical fitness test that could only be accomplished by younger applicants thereby prejudicing older applicants.